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demetri_zoey's Journal

Falling for You
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A ship community for Flash Forward's Demetri Noh and Zoey Andata

" falling for you"

This is a ship community for the pairing of Demetri Noh and Zoey Andata on ABC's Flash Forward. Posts related to either characters, John Cho and Gabriel Union are welcome here. Membership is open, so feel free to post news, interviews, graphics, fiction, fanmixes, etc. Discussion of this pairing is encouraged, but please no bashing of the characters or the actors themselves. Please tag your entries and put all spoilers under a cut.

Fiction featuring Demetri/Zoey may be posted, however please post your story at your journal or behind a cut. The following format (or something similar) should be used when posting fiction.

Characters: Character(s) in your story if fanfiction.

Graphics and Resources
All graphics and resources including icons, screencaps, pictures, banners, headers, wallpapers, picspams, etc. are welcome. Icon previews should feature Demetri, Zoey and/or the Demetri/Zoey pairing, and include no more than four icons. Please hide spoilers behind a cut.


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